Tesla Model 3 Tuned By Manhart Gets Lower Suspension, New Splitter

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Manhart often likes tuning things to the extreme, but has taken a special approach with the Tesla Model 3. Aftermarket tuning specialists have given the electric sedan a simple makeover, improving its visual appearance with a few tweaks.

The biggest one is the new suspension. The Manhart TM3 510 received a lowering spring from H&R, bringing the sedan closer to the ground. New 21-inch Manhart Barracuda rims add to the visual appearance. They are finished in Platinum Grey, but customers can choose their preferred rim color. 235/30R21 tires wrap around the wheels.

Manhart also added a new carbon front splitter to the Tesla Model 3, and that’s not the only visual improvement to the car. A set of red and gray decals adorns the car, with stripes covering the hood and trunk. The car also received red accents on the side mirror bars and a subtle Manhart sticker on the underside of the doors accented with red stripes. The decal set also includes a sticker for the front fascia, giving the EV a honeycomb grille look.

While Manhart did not upgrade the minimalist interior of the Model 3, specialists did offer cabin upgrades upon request. The company may also change the braking system to improve performance. This model features a tinted rear window for a bit more pizzazz.

The Model 3 with the Manhart upgrade is based on the dual-motor Performance trim. It produces 513 horsepower (377 kilowatts) and 486 pound-feet (660 Newton-meters) of torque. Power comes from the standard 82-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery offered at Tesla. The model designation 510 indicates the EV output.

Many of Manhart’s upgrades to other makes and models often include massive performance improvements to the powertrain. Its cars often produce more horsepower than the standard variant, but that level of tuning is more difficult with an EV, with automakers locking the car’s software out of hacking and fiddling. The Tesla Model 3 Manhart upgrade gives the EV a simple visual makeover even if the powertrain remains the same. It’s one way to stand out on the charging station.