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Max Biaggi also fires a third mechanic of his team. In a few days his team involved in two absurd episodes.

Max Biaggi (LaPresse)
Max Biaggi – Motori.News

The Sterilgarda Max Racing Team he finds himself in front of a new “anomalous” case after the dismissal of the two mechanics. We remind you that during qualifying at the Aragon MotorLand two mechanics from Max Biaggi’s team engaged in the Moto3 championship hindered the restart of Adrian Fernandez, rival of the KTM Ajo team. They quickly approached the Spaniard while he was in the pit lane and braked him by pinching the brake lever.

The episode was filmed and broadcast by the team KTM Tech3so much so that it went viral in a few hours and unleashed the indignation of Max Biaggi, who was forced to publicly apologize. Dorna fined the two mechanics, but the heaviest penalty came from the top of their team who decided to lay off at the end of the Thailand GP. From Malaysia they will be replaced but they will not be the only ones.

Substitutions in Max Biaggi’s team

Max Biaggi (LaPresse)
Max Biaggi – Motori.News

In fact, a few hours later Max Biaggi he had another cat to fry. A video dating back to the 2019 season, was released on the web where a mechanic of the CIP Green Power team can be seen physically attacking his driver Tom Booth-Amos who was returning to the pits after a mechanical breakdown on his bike. The British driver confirmed the authenticity of the video, the CIP team apologized even though they were unaware of the facts. “Regarding the 2019 video, on behalf of the team, we strongly denounce this kind of behavior and we want to publicly apologize to Tom Booth-Amos.”

Today the same mechanic works, or rather he worked, in the Max Biaggi team engaged in Moto3, in the corner of the box of John McPhee. FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports have announced that MC (these are the initials) has been fired from the team “and will not return to work for them after the Malaysian Grand Prix … Abusive behavior must not and will not be tolerated – reads the press release -. All parties will continue to work to make the MotoGP paddock the safest working environment possible“.

The CIP team he has also clearly distanced himself from the technical protagonist of that video. “A team is not the effort of one person but of a whole group of people. That’s why the technician is no longer involved in our team. Violence of any kind is not acceptable in our sport and beyond. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure that it does not happen again in the future“.

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