NEVER recharge your smartphone in the car, everyone does it but this gesture gives you a damn

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Anyone today has a busy life, you don’t have time for anything, you are always in a hurry. Many spend most of their days away from home, for whatever reason, which is why they use the cable to charge the battery of their smartphone in the car.

Recharge your smartphone in the car
Recharge your smartphone in the car –

In fact, this cable is never missing, it is present in all cars, both for young people and adults. It comes in handy in any case, it saves the lives of many people especially in emergency situations for example when you suddenly find yourself with a totally discharged battery.

It can save lives even when ci realizes that he has left the house without having recharged his smartphone and it’s too late to do that. Unfortunately, however, it turns out that the gesture that we all make and that unites us is totally wrong. The move to reload it smartphone is not as advantageous as you thinkor at least it seems to be in the moment, then in reality it hides dangerous pitfalls that show themselves over time.

Charging your smartphone in the car is wrong, that’s why

As far as it may be true that in the car there is the USB input for charging the smartphone, it cannot be denied that there is a real risk that this will not be able to manage the charging and the functionality of the car itself. So it could happen that the phone turns off because the charging is very slow and the energy that the USB port can supply is below what is needed.

All this does nothing but damage the charger and the battery of the mobile phone. Obviously the consequences are serious and can be seen over time. Charging in the car with quik charge systems also steals power from the car. In this case, the risk is that the car suddenly turns off without understanding the reason.

car mobile phone charging
Mobile phone in charge in the car –

What is the best solution

Few know that despite the car being turned off, leaving your smartphone charging can be dangerous. In fact, this can cause the battery to stop with the risk of remaining on foot, among other things, wherever you are. The problem does not arise for the most recent cars that have new batteries, these do not run any risk.

While older cars are in danger because they are not properly equipped. That’s why it’s recommended to think twice before charging your smartphone in the car. Rather, it is best to remember to recharge your smartphone before leaving home or wait until arrive at the friend’s house or at any store to do so.