Coca Cola and Mentos in the engine, what happens to the car is scary: VIDEO

Has anyone ever tried pouring Coke with Mentos on their car engine? Probably generally speaking, the answer is no. But the same is not true for everyone.

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Over the years, several experiments have been conducted on cars because this sector is really intriguing. Everyone is wondering what happens if you pour Coke into the tank of the car or onto the engine.

There are those who have done both experiments documenting everything with videos, for some fun, for others the fulfillment of a wish. It is said that Coca Cola, in some cases is miraculous, for example it eliminates rust, unscrews the bolts, descales, in short, it works miracles. Unfortunately, the same is not true for cars that have the worst of it because it is still corrosive and dangerous.

The experiment conducted by three young boys goes around the web

Three guys showed through a video uploaded on Youtube what happens if you pour Coca Cola with Mentos directly on the engine. The result was astounding.

THE young people poured Coca Cola and Mentos directly above the engine of their Fiat Punto. They took a bottle of Coke, shook it, and then poured it onto the steaming engine. They stated that the smell emanating from Coke as soon as it comes into contact with Mentos and the hot engine of the car is like cotton candy. Pleasant, but not too much, especially not in the long run.

Obviously it is expected that in the end the car flew the white flag, in reality it was not a disaster at all, quite the opposite. The engine initially stopped, then despite having Coca Cola with Mentos inside it managed to light up. Probably if young people had tried to travel on the medium, this would also have managed to leave on the spot. The car showed signs of failure and fatigue, but it still started. Obviously, the two products poured on the engine will have caused internal damage that cannot be noticed at the first start.


What happens if you pour Coke instead of fuel

On the other hand, those who poured Coca Cola into the tank of the car encountered problems immediately and had the worst of it.

Whoever did this experiment had to call the tow truck and take the vehicle to a mechanic’s workshop to repair it. After pouring the Coke into the tank, the car never started again.

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