White Remains The Most Popular Car Color In The United States

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White continues to be the most popular car color in the United States for a year in a row. A recent analysis by iSeeCars with more than 6.1 million vehicles in the country revealed about a quarter of the nation’s cars are finished in white, followed by black, gray, and silver. The situation is very similar in 2019, although the numbers are slightly different.

Automotive market specialists at iSeeCars say that 78.5 percent of all vehicles currently on the road are gray, which includes white, black, gray and silver. White is the most popular with 25.8 percent of all cars and its popularity can be attributed to its easy-to-maintain color. In addition, white is the most common color for fleets and rental vehicles, which also makes it the most popular color in the used car market.

Black cars came in second with 23.2 percent of all vehicles in the US, mostly in the luxury segment. Many automakers offer black editions of their models for an additional fee and many customers choose this color as a symbol of high social status. The agency iSeeCars says black is not very practical in terms of maintenance and that’s why many people prefer gray or silver. Below is a complete list of the most popular car colors according to iSeeCars.

Most popular car colors
Rank Color % Shares
1 White 25.8%
2 Black 22.3%
3 Gray 18.4%
4 Silver 12.1%
5 Blue 9.5%
6 Red 8.6%
7 Chocolate 0.9%
8 Green 0.8%
9 Orange 0.6%
10 Beige 0.5%
11 Purple 0.3%
12 Gold 0.2%
13 Yellow 0.1%

iSeeCars compares this year’s results with data it has for 2017. Five years ago, grayscale colors were at the top of the list, but black was the most popular color beating white. Interestingly, gray cars accounted for a slightly larger share of vehicles in America this year (78.6 percent) than 2017 (76.2 percent). iSeeCars also studies the most popular car colors in each state and only white and black are represented with white as the color of choice in 36 states and black in 14 others.

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