Socks on the windshield wipers, everyone is doing it: the reason is crazy

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Dealing with a frozen car in the morning can be a hassle, but at least you can make sure your wipers are ready for use. And all you need is a pair of old socks.

socks on the windshield wiper
Sock on the wiper –

Winter and wiper blades

The real wiper life test is during the winter, snow and ice covering the windshield and wiper blade. Proper winter care is helpful, but some remedies could actually damage your vehicle’s wiper system, windshield, or finish.

If the car has been left outside and the windshield is covered in ice and snow, the wipers will likely be attached to the windshield and may not pop up easily.

First of all, NEVER pour hot water or liquids on the windshield to thaw it. The sudden change in temperature could crack or even shatter it.

And then, do not try to remove the wipers from the windshield. This could tear the rubber, bend the frame, destroy its joints and cause future problems.

One tip is to use a washer fluid with winter formula if you want to try to speed up the process, but it has to be a winter formula. It is best to proceed safely.

Another tip is to wait for the wipers to thaw a bit before lifting them up and removing the ice from the blade and arm. And DO NOT run the wipers on frozen ice on the windshield. This has the same effect as running your hand across the sandpaper. Jagged ice will destroy the rubber edge of the wiper and replacement will be the only solution.

But preparing for ice will solve many problems. Some like to lift the arms off the windshield and have the brushes suspended. This will help in snow conditions though, but not ice. The blades will continue to freeze unless you cover them.

Socks on the wipers –

Prevent the wipers from freezing with an old pair of socks

And here we come to our best advice, use socks.

Try putting a sock on each windshield wiper the night before it gets very cold. It should prevent windshields from freezing or freezing, making it easier to defrost the next day. You can also lift them for added protection.

And surely, the best tool you will have to deal with with windshield wipers in the winter, is the good old common sense.

Final note

Even if you incorporate all of these tips into your daily car care routine, you may still see the effects of winter weather on your wiper blades. If you find yourself with damaged wiper blades, don’t hesitate to replace them. Torn or split brushes will not provide a clear and uniform cleaning. Always drive with front and rear wipers in excellent operating condition.

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