Telepass revolution, everything changes for motorists: you will find it hard to get used to it

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Goodbye to the old ways, the company specializing in mobility services revolutionizes everything. You won’t believe your eyes.

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Telepass has introduced several innovations for the payment of parking on the blue lines. The company specializing in mobility services Telepass continues to make life easier for users by paying for parking on the blue lines. Paying for parking with the app has never been easier and faster.

This is a service available in over two hundred municipalities and this application allows you to pay for parking in areas managed with a parking meter using your device. The e-cashless service is intuitive and allows the payment of parking time, based on the rates indicated by the municipal authority. Furthermore, there is no additional charge on the parking fee.

Telepass, off to the functionality of unlimited parking

A real novelty for the parking payment service via application is the functionality of the stop without any limit. This implies that each user starts parking in the car park without setting any time constraints. It will be possible to set predefined times, keeping the possibility to stop parking in advance. The new interface of the parking payment service via application will allow you to calculate the fastest route to reach the car.

telepass revolutionizes everything
telepass revolutionizes everything –

Telepass Revolution: Cashback

From 1 October to 31 December 2022, new customers of the parking payment service via the Telepass app will receive the fifteen% cashback. Those who are already Telepass customers will be able to benefit from the five% cashback.

Telepass revolution: the Blue Stripes service

By downloading the Telepass App on your smartphone and using the Blue Stripes service, you can confirm your position and set the parking duration of your car. The Telepass application downloaded on your device notifies the user when the parking is about to expire and calculates the total amount that will be calculated at a later time.

Furthermore, it is possible rectify the parking term, anticipating or postponing it in such a way as to pay the effective duration of the parking and avoid incurring penalties. By entering the car license plate it is possible to verify the regularity of the parking payment with Telepass. The application informs the user if in the Municipality where the vehicle is parked the display of the coupon is mandatory.

telepass payment for parking
telepass revolutionizes everything –

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