Fiat Topolino, its return is getting closer and closer: here are the latest news

An incredible novelty has emerged in the last few hours. In fact, the Italian car manufacturer has decided to bring back a historic car: the Fiat Topolino! Nothing official yet, but the rumor has begun to circulate and in 2023 we could again find this car on our roads! But what kind of vehicle will it be? Here are all the details and information at our disposal!

Topolino fiat
Topolino FIAT – Motori.News

Fiat could make the hearts of millions of fans of a car that made history pulsate again. In fact, on the web and among industry experts a rumor is starting to circulate that would really be sensational. We refer to a possible return to the market of the legendary Fiat Topolino. But what is going on? Which voice has been bouncing strongly in the last few hours? Here are the details!

The Fiat Topolino was a true icon of Fiat both in Italy and in the world. This name refers to the original Fiat 500, produced and placed on the automotive market between 1936 and 1955!

But what would you have in mind to launch the Turin-based company, which is now part of the Stellantis group, under this pseudonym? Here are all the news that may emerge in the future on this car!

Fiat Topolino 2023: here is the possible novelty of the Turin manufacturer!

Nothing is official yet, as mentioned, however, Fiat could bring a real historical icon back to the automotive market: the Fiat Topolino. This is a real surprise, also because it could enter a completely new market. Which?

Fiat Topolino
Fiat Topolino 2023: here is the possible novelty of the brand that has joined the Stellantis group – Motori.News

According to what emerges, the Fiat Topolino 2023 should enter a market sector similar to that of Citroën AMI and Opel Rocks-e. We refer to that of electric quadricycles, city cars that can also be used with the license for the moped. Therefore, from 14 years onwards these electric quadricycles can be used!

A real turning point to better deal with city traffic. Furthermore, the small dimensions of these cars are perfectly suited to different needs, such as those inherent to parking!

The Fiat Topolino 2023 will have two seats and an electric motor, in such a way as to combat harmful emissions! The length should be around 2.4 meters at the most, while the width should be 1.4 meters. The height, on the other hand, could be 1.5 meters! Really small sizes, ideal for allowing the vehicle to be agile in city traffic!

Fiat Topolino
The possible return of a Fiat car that made history – Motori.News

Most likely, the electric quadricycle proposed by Fiat could also have a convertible version with a canvas roof! The electric motor could produce 8 hp (6 kW). There full speed will be of 45 km / h and the battery can be recharged at a normal household socket. It will take approx three and a half hours for a full charge. The autonomy should be around 70 kilometers!

But what confirmations are there around? At the moment there is no official communication from Fiat, but rumors speak of a note on the Fiat Topolino 2023 that could come out in the coming months. We wait patiently for confirmation from the Turin manufacturer!

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