Car mirrors, because they are all starting to cover them with sachets: brilliant

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It happens especially in areas where in the morning on the roads and on cars, especially on the car mirrors, there is ice in large quantities, to find yourself in serious difficulty and not know how to do it.

Plastic bags on the mirror
Plastic bags on the mirror – Motori.News

In the morning when it’s cold, we just got out of bedamong a thousand blankets, those who do not have the possibility to keep the car in the garage, must face a rather serious and not very nice problem: snow and ice on the car.

Especially when you are in a hurry and have to leave as soon as possible to get to work early, the snow is lurking and never fails. That’s why in the north, especially in the areas where cuthere are often thunderstorms and snowfalls, someone has adopted a trick that works great. First of all, you need to keep the weather under control. As soon as you realize that the next day there is a great risk of finding snow or ice on the vehicle, you must prevent. Here is the method that works wonders.

How to prevent snow or ice from accumulating on car mirrors

When it snows or hailssnow or ice accumulates on the driveway, on all exteriors, as well as on car mirrors or on the front or rear glass of the vehicle. Getting rid of ice or snow becomes impossible, especially when you are in a hurry and you don’t have the right tools. This is why it is recommended to cover both of them with a bag before going to sleep, especially if you are sure or doubt that during the night or in the mornings it may snow or hail.

In the case of the side mirrors, a frost bag is enough, which is what we use for store food in the freezer, to solve the problem without too much difficulty. On the other hand, for the rear window, a large bag is recommended, the garbage bag is also fine. The glass is well covered and then before leaving the house, after shoveling the snow and eliminating any trace that hinders the movement of the vehicle, it is removed. And here it is solved.


Because bags can come in handy

On the bags the frost, snow and ice do not stick but are not used only for this. Without bags, both ice and snow accumulate, which may perhaps be eliminated, but you risk breaking the glass. Minor damage as well as large fractures can be created difficult to recover or repair.

First, the presence of glass or ice reduces visibility from the driver’s side, which could cause accidents. Anyone who has never made this attempt must provide. Probably once its functionality has been testedno one will ever be able to do without the freezer bag in the car again.