Renault Austral New Teasers Show Camouflaged Production Body


The new better Renault Austral is absolutely amazing. The French company played a long and grueling teaser game, slowly preparing us for the full and official debut scheduled for March 9. Today there’s another set of teaser photos with the new SUV and this time, they’re showing more of the exterior. design.

However, don’t get your hopes up too high, as this new shot doesn’t reveal much. It’s basically the same vehicle that teased five days into the new year (see related link below) and it still wears full body camouflage foil. In an official press release, the Renault design team explained that they are “proud of their design” but they had to “make their work look ugly” so you can’t see the final design yet.

In fact, the automaker insists that Austral camouflage is different from other disguises in the industry. Renault wanted to hide the SUV’s design in style and the brand’s lead designer in the design department said the camouflage did its job of hiding the exterior appearance “at the same time bringing the brand new visual identity.”

“Why do you have to hide something beautiful under an ugly facade? Why can’t you hide art with art,” asked Renault. And frankly, this logic makes sense to us. You might be surprised to hear that the camouflage for the new Austral is made from individual strips of paper, each specially crafted to fit their respective segments of the body. It’s like a giant puzzle coming together to hide the Austral designs from your eyes.

The Kadjar replacement will follow a very similar design language to the Megane E-Tech Electric and will likely launch as a more luxurious and slightly more expensive alternative to the new Nissan Qashqai. The Austral will be available with a traditional combustion engine, although we don’t expect a diesel option in that range.


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