Toyota GR86 Chief Engineer Says There Will Be No More GR Models

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It wasn’t so long ago that Toyota didn’t have anything exciting in its portfolio. Not that automakers need performance upgrades to be successful, but cool halo cars certainly attract attention. The 86 sports car came in 2013, but the Supra’s return has really helped Toyota reclaim some of the mojo that was fun to drive. The GR versions of the Yaris and Corolla are very interesting, but it looks like that’s about all the GR icing we’ll get.

That’s what Toyota’s chief engineer said for the GR86, according to Drive. Yasunori Suezawa allegedly told the Australian website that no additional GR models are planned apart from those currently available. In the US market, that means the new GR Supra, GR86 and GR Corolla. In other markets, the GR Yaris is also offered. So for those who dream of the GR Camry sports sedan, our condolences.

However, there is some ambiguity regarding the GR scene. Drive also quoted Suezawa as saying there will be more GR Sport model, with the C-HR getting special mention along with the Corolla and Yaris Cross, a subcompact crossover not available in North America that recently debuted in the GR Sport trim. Also, there’s some mystery as to whether the GR news applies to the models currently on offer, or to all future offerings. Among other things, a GR version of the recently revealed hybrid Toyota Crown is rumored to be under consideration, along with the electric bZ4X.

Even if more GR models don’t come, now is a great time to become a fan of Toyota’s performance. Yes, the GR86 is shared with Subaru, and the Supra is mostly a BMW Z4 under the skin. But the GR Yaris and GR Corolla are Toyotas at their core, and they’re good enough to be performance vehicles that are really fun to drive. Our recent GR Corolla First Drive review found that the hot hatch might be the best GR of the bunch.

We contacted Toyota USA regarding future plans for the GR brand, but were unable to get immediate confirmation regarding the future. For now, you can soak up more Toyota content and other auto news at Chatting About Cars podcast, available below.

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