Florida Man Learns Tough Lessons Trying To Get Through The Spring On Merge Lane

Some cars are fast, but none can outrun the laws of physics. This Audi driver in Florida learned that lesson the hard way recently, and we mean it. We can’t imagine a more difficult situation behind the wheel than being sandwiched between a semi-truck and a concrete barrier.

Fortunately, there were no injuries as a result of this erroneous passing attempt. reddit user sylon00 shared a video and offered a follow-up stating the driver was shaken but fine. The semi-truck also stops a little further down the road, but with no usable shoulders on this highway, anyone stops to help make things clear.

So what happened? The video above pretty much speaks for itself, but we can fill in some details. GPS coordinates on the dashboard camera tell us that this accident happened just south of Tampa, Florida, on I-75 north just after Big Bend Rd. The camera car entered the highway and merged behind the semi-truck. The on-ramp is denoted by a dotted line, and a black Audi suddenly enters the video, passing the camera car on the right in a combined lane that is clearly about to end.

We don’t know if the Audi just hit the highway as well, or if the driver switched to a combined lane for a quick pass in heavy traffic. In the end it didn’t matter, because the sedan quickly ran out of room to pass. Making matters worse is the concrete barrier next to the road; it seems the area is under some kind of construction and the barrier is completely blocking the shoulder. It’s hard to tell if the truck driver even saw the car before the crash, but with traffic on the left, there’s nowhere for the truck to go. The Audi driver braked at the last second, but at that moment, it far so late.

Obviously, this trial pass was not a smart decision and the Audi was badly damaged as a result. Stay safe out there guys, and practice a little patience behind the wheel. Making risky moves to save a few seconds is not a good idea, as this video clearly illustrates.

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