Wrap a glass with a sock and leave it in the car, this trick saves your life

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It is not difficult to find a sock in the car, this can be proof that the owner of the car is particularly untidy, as well as can prove something else, the totally opposite.

Sock around a glass
Sock around a glass – Motori.News

A vehicle can be a source of pride, as well as a bad reflection of the owner. Unfortunately, anyone today, living a busy life, has little time to devote to the vehicle with which they travel for work, for fun and for any reason. It ends up being a total disaster.

But it can be useful to know that there are methods that allow you to have a perfect car, starting from a particularly dirty and messy vehicle, in a few minutes. These are trivial tricks that anyone can use, using something that is in the house, in the drawers or even in the closet.

The advice that can be useful for everyone to clean the cup holder, with a sock

By following the following advice and someone else not very demanding, you can get any person on your vehicle at any time, without feeling uncomfortable. Where most of the dirt accumulates is the cup holder which we generally do not use as we should, on the contrary it ends up being a dustbin.

Inside there is hair, dust and dirt of any kind. To clean this space, you can use a sock that must be placed right on the bottom of the glass, well wedged. An all-purpose cleaner should be sprayed on it first. Then you put the glass in its place and rotate it to clean the whole area.


Cleaning the air filter, how to perfume the vehicle

Finally, you can intervene on the air filter, which often gives off bad smells, because it is neglected. This should actually be cleaned at least once a month because the dirt that comes out of the filter is somehow breathed in by those traveling on the vehicle. After having dedicated themselves to sanitizing the air filter, to diffuse a good scent inside the vehicle, just pour some drops of essential oil, any, of your choice, on a wooden clothespin. It is better to choose a wooden clothespin that slowly absorbs and releases the smell in the following days rather than others of any material.

Today in many have pets at home, so they travel with them. The car picks up infinite hairs which then stick to clothing. Certainly this also causes discomfort. To remove them simply spray the water over the seats and then scrape them off, using a rubber spatula. In this way the hair can be collected in a few moves and in seconds, without having to do anything special.

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