Why in some cities does everyone put a piece of pineapple on the dashboard of the car?

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In the car you can really find everything, the oddities never end. Especially inside the cars of those who often travel for work reasons chaos reigns, because the vehicle is inevitably neglected, having no time to dedicate.

Pineapple on the dashboard
Pineapple bag on the dashboard – Motori.news

Unfortunately it happens though of be in the position of having to give a ride someone and feel very uncomfortable because the vehicle is not clean or scented. Chaos, disorder and stink they are a real problem that with a superficial cleaning it is absolutely impossible to think of solving.

It can be helpful to know that there are gods really simple remedies that can come in handy without wasting too much time. For example, there is the sock remedy, which does it all by itself. You take a sock, place it in the cup holder of the car, you spray a little detergent directly on the sock and that’s it. This will go to collect dust, hair and dirt of any kind by itself, without doing anything.

How to get rid of the stench present in the car

As for the stench present in the car, it is not enough to use the perfumer, because this does not absorb bad smells but somehow just masks them. So here is a food that can be useful, which we sometimes have right at home and that we put on the table for lunch or dinner. It’s about pineapple that manages to deodorize the car in seconds and make it smell fresh and clean.

To use pineapple, big pieces are cut of the best tropical fruit in the world, as an alternative to not waste it, you can also use only a few pieces of its peel. Whether it’s the pulp or just the peel, you put it in a freezer bag and place it right on the dashboard. Warming with the sun’s rays or simply with the heat that is created inside the car with the windows closed, the pineapple releases its great smell. Once you get on the vehicle, it will smell fresh and traveling inside will be just a pleasure.


The trick that makes the car super cozy

After using this trick, anyone will be proud of their vehicle and ready at any time to host and give rides to friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors. The discomfort will be a distant memory.

We must also remember that bad smells are often caused by our bad habits, for example the windows that remain closed for too long or food that is forgotten in the car for days.

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