Put a wet towel on the dashboard of the car – amazing what happens

Putting a towel on the dashboard of the car can solve a problem that everyone finds themselves having to face especially in summer, especially those who do not have the possibility to leave the car parked indoors, for example in the garage.

Wet towel on the dashboard
Wet towel on the dashboard – Motori.news

When you get into the car, in summer it is also hard to breathe, because the air is heavy. When this happens, driving also becomes dangerous especially if you have low blood pressure or you are particularly fragile or delicate.

In this regard, it is important to say that there are some useful tips and tricks that not many people know, which allow you to resolve the issue quickly or in any case to face it in a different way.

The useful remedy to freshen the car, the wet towel resting on the dashboard, this is how it works

The first remedy concerns the towel that we use to dry after washing. In this case, it should be used wet. Getting into the car, the first thing you do is turn on the air conditioning, to make the passenger compartment cool down faster. But if the air outside is heavy, inside the vehicle it will not be outdone, so the temperatures will be really very high and the air conditioning he will not be able to lower the temperature, at least not immediately.

In this case, we recommend put a wet towel on the dashboard, because this will allow the temperature to be lowered by the water vapor released. The car will cool down much faster immediately giving great relief.


Valid alternatives that allow you to make the vehicle as welcoming as possible

Alternatively a bottle of frozen water can also be used. What you need to do is wrap some towels around a bottle of water and put everything in the freezer. With towels, the liquid will freeze in a few hours, then the bottle can be carried in the car to put it wherever you want while traveling, to cool off. The solution is ideal because the bottle of water will be useful once the ice has melted for drinking.

Here then, another method to apply when it is really hot. A spray is used which fills with water, which can be sprayed directly on the steering wheel or seat belts which are often hot because they warm up first when the sun beats down.

To conclude, the last remedy is that of tissue paper that can be placed on it directly on the air intake. In this way, the air that comes out of the vents is much fresher and more pleasant. Of course, tissue paper dries quickly, so it is good to change it often to get more benefit.

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