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Drinking before driving is one of the most disrespectful moves to make towards yourself and others. In the last few hours there have been many cases of driving licenses withdrawn due to the blood alcohol level above the legal limits, following a maxi blitz operated by the police in a specific area of ​​our country! Here are all the details on this topic!

License withdrawn
Roadblocks – Motori.news

Getting behind the wheel in conditions of obvious fatigue or – even worse – after drinking a few too many glasses is something you should NEVER do. If you have raised your elbow too much, there is only one thing to do: do not drive and let those who are in a position to do so for the law to drive their car.!

Alcohol is one of the causes of the many accidents that occur daily on the various road arteries Italians and the whole world. The lack of responsibility of some subjects can cause real drama. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks of the serious possible consequences of such a reckless gesture!

But what happened a few days ago in a certain point of Italy? The police have become the protagonists of a gesture that has brought out even more this serious problem that grips us. Here are all the details on the maxi blitz carried out and on the very high number of licenses withdrawn, following the various random checks on the roads!

Drunk driving? It is a massacre of withdrawn licenses!

Unfortunately, there are more and more cases of people who decide to jeopardize their own life and that of the other ‘inhabitants’ of the street. When the BAC is too high, the reflexes are certainly limited compared to a normal condition. But what has happened in the past few hours on some roads in our country?

License withdrawal
Maxi blitz of the Traffic Police: 19 driving licenses withdrawn for excess of alcohol – Motori.News

In the night between Saturday and Sunday evening there was a real maxi blitz by the police in a particular area of ​​our country. We refer to the remarkable deployment of forces put in place by the Padua Traffic Police with the close collaboration of colleagues from Piove di Sacco. What’s happened?

In a particular street, particularly busy at night on the weekend – via Chiesanuova in Padua – a massive checks with significant checkpoints. And there was an unpleasant confirmation. Indeed, one in three motorists has been ‘caught’ with a BAC far exceeding the limits allowed by law!

In detail, they have been withdrawn 19 driving licenses. A maxi blitz that had the effect of punishing some guilty and highlighting this serious scourge that hits the Italian streets every day.

Italian law allows you to drive with an alcohol level limit that never exceeds 0.5 g / liter. Anyone caught driving with a rate above this limit is subject to fines or license withdrawal. If the alcohol level is between 0.51 and 0.8 g / liter, then the penalty can range from a minimum of € 527 up to a maximum of € 2,108!

With even higher levels, the risk is to suffer even heavier fines, the withdrawal of the license and, even, the arrest of up to a year! We reiterate it for the umpteenth time: NEVER drive after touching too many glasses!

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