Bagnaia ignores him, Gigi Dall’Igna thinks about it

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Johann Zarco responds with class to the social attack. After Bagnaia’s “forgetfulness”, Ducati thanks him with Gigi Dall’Igna.

Zarco is the man of the Ducati team, yet… – MotoriNews

The weekend in Thailand was marked by the sudden arrival of rain. A race therefore that risked being fatal for the world hopes of Pecco Bagnaiaengaged in the comeback Fabio Quartararo. Instead the reigning champion was shipwrecked because of the tires, while the standard bearer Ducati has limited the damage to a great extent. This is also thanks to Johann Zarco: the Pramac rider tried, but given the big risks and Bagnaia’s position he finally gave up. It has so too protected by Marc Marquez, but apparently it wasn’t enough even for a “thank you” from the Piedmontese driver … He had to think about it Gigi Dall’Igna.

Attack on Zarco, the Ducati rider responds

In addition to this, also the mockery. After the attack on Bastianini for not playing as a team, the insults are for Zarco for the exact opposite. Embarrassing for the social “fans”… The Pramac Ducati standard bearer, always sincere and transparent, responded with a long post. “A race in which I had the chance to win. The speed, however, came a bit late or the track took a little too long to dry. When the trajectory dried, who knows why I became faster of the others. But a lot of water in the beginning made me waste too much time. Like in Indonesia, Jack and Miguel were incredible at the start, but I arrive “when the game is over”. I can say that I have had time to think about it in the race and it really pisses me off. With 4 laps to go, I had 2.7 seconds to recover but, even if I’m faster, it’s not all easy. The bike slips a lot, the track is dirty, the front wheel freezes 5 to 10 times per lap, so you risk falling. That’s why I didn’t insist on my last laps. A lost race, I prefer to turn the page and try again. A little one was needed though clarification, thanks to those who understood me. And for those who cannot: “The wheel will turn.” It might be easier this way. “

Thanks from Gigi Dall’Igna

Finally, someone else at Ducati thinks to highlight his work, that is Gigi Dall’Igna. Johann Zarco also made the ‘tester’ during the year, his commitment has become fundamental for Borgo Panigale. We have to thank him wrote Dall’Igna via Linkedin. “A final pass would have been a risk given the condition of the track. He thus renounced a podium within your reach. “ Someone noticed it …