Remember to NEVER perform this very dangerous gesture: it could kill you

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There are very common gestures among motorists that should be corrected and avoided, because they are particularly dangerous not only for the vehicle but also for one’s life.

Traffic –

We often don’t notice, but we make mistakes which in some cases could even be fatal, for oneself or for others.

Driving a vehicle it means having responsibilities not insignificant for which every gesture must be paid attention to and weighed.

Common gestures, dangerous to modify

We share several habits, including that of keeping your hand on the gearbox or your foot on the clutch ready to press any pedal, creating confusion. This is an incorrect habit also for other reasons, for example, there is the risk of grafting clutch when not needed.

This can especially happen when the clutch releases at the top. In this case there is a risk of wear because pressing the pedal overheats the clutch, even if you do it involuntarily. In reality, as they teach in driving schoolthe foot should be placed on the clutch only when needed, so on the spot, for a few seconds.

For the rest of the time it should be placed sideways. One risk is that while in traffic, your foot slips off the clutch pedalgoing to press the wrong pedal thus causing accidents due to inattention.

Why is it wrong to drive with your hand resting on the gearbox

Then follows those who have the habit of driving with their hand resting on the gearbox, this is not a life-threatening attitude, but you should still avoid doing it because the selector forks are designed solely to make contact with the gears when needed. So keeping your hand resting means rubbing continuously the forks against the rotating collar of the gearbox, wearing it out. The result is that the gearbox must be replaced within a short time.

Another misconduct follows, or keep the car always in reserve and refuel only when strictly necessary so as not to risk being left on foot. This means that the petrol tank remains empty for a long time, so that the dust and dirt that generally remain on the bottom end up being circulated. The result in this case is damage to the fuel pump, filters included. This does not mean that you should always keep the tank full, because filling up is also a bad habit. In short, we must remember that when you are driving a vehicle, whether it is a car or a motorcycle, it is important to be balanced and weigh every gesture.

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