Immediately remove the stickers you have on the car: you do not know what you risk

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Traveling on the street, we often see cars with stickers attached to the windows, on the bodywork or on the license plate. They are beautiful to look at and give a different impression of the medium. But what does the Highway Code say about it?

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Not everyone asks, before attacking them, if it is right to do so, by law, or not, or if it is convenient or he can row against it in any way. The answer may come in handy.

The most common adhesive is that of the word “Bebè on board” usually attached to the rear window. Sometimes there are also comic book characters or advertising brands. But not only.

What the law on stickers attached to cars says

By law these stickers they can be attacked as long as they do not obstruct the view and do not create confusion. In particular, on the Highway Code, article 100 is cited which states that badges, stickers or inscriptions cannot be affixed, which can create problems for the identification of the vehicle. For example, many apply stickers to the license plate or nearby, to avoid speed cameras. In case of police checks, you risk a fine ranging from 26 to 102 euros.

In addition, it is good to know that it is absolutely forbidden to apply to cars bright writing that can be distracting or glare for drivers of other vehicles. But that’s not all, because that sticker, certainly beautiful to look at, can also be indicative.

This is why it is recommended not to apply adhesives of any kind on the car bodywork

Recognizing a car among a thousand, not knowing the license plate is certainly difficult. If special stickers are applied to it, it becomes really easy to understand who it belongs to. If you don’t have ulterior motives, it doesn’t matter. However, if an attacker targets her, without going too far in search of information, he can find out anything simply by observing the machine.

For instance, who has a particular hobbyfor the photo, for the technology, involuntarily invites the criminals to try to open the car to look inside for a camera, a PC, a tablet or other. Usually those who have a passion for technology, has a super technological car. So something is always found. Those who have children tell about themselves, for example that they are often distracted.

Those who work and attach stickers that have to do with the workplace, indicate where their workplace is. Those who travel and attach the stickers of the places they have visited to the body of the car, being distant cities, let the thugs know he’s been out for a long time. In short, as beautiful as they may be, it is better to avoid and choose simplicity to go unnoticed.

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