Put your car keys in an aluminum jar – you’ll do it every day

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Each of us has the habit of putting car keys inside the pocket of their pants, or inside the backpack, even with the risk of pressing keys involuntarily, opening and closing the car without reason and necessity.

keys in the jar
Keys in the jar – Motori.news

The new generation machines are different, they have the starting system without the keys, in this way you can open the car without having to insert the key in the lock or even without having to press the button. So the new car, being modern, yes opens while having the key inside the pocketin or inside the bag without even touching it.

It certainly is a remedy in all respects, for example, when our hands are busy among thousands of envelopes and more, it is not necessary to take out the keys to open the car and get in. This opens by itself. Unfortunately, however, each advantage corresponds to a major disadvantage.

The disadvantage of the new car keys that open the car remotely without having to do anything

The thieves have found a way to take advantage of the latest news in the automotive sector in your favor. The keys of the new cars work via the wireless, which is activated 2 meters from the car. The thieves to steal the cars they choose, hack the connection using a signal extender and go to connect car and key even at greater distances.

For this reason, even if you are not close to the car, the key will be able to open the car giving the possibility to thieves to do what they want when they want, as they want without attracting attention. This happens, for example, when you are at home and your keys are placed on a cabinet, hung or placed inside the bag.

Thieves using the extender they go to increase the signal, connecting the car and the key without anyone noticing, acting totally undisturbed during the night. The trick that allows us to avoid this sensational problem is only one and also quite cheap.

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Here is the no-cost remedy to solve the problem

The keys are taken and placed inside a tin, or they are wrapped in aluminum foil and they are kept inside the bag as always, or in your pocket. The aluminum disturbs the signal by interrupting any action and literally dismantling the plans of the crafty ones.

Alternatively you can buy a wallet made of metal, which is mostly for sale online. This will block the signal wherever the key is, keeping the car in total safety.

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