Toilet brush, don’t throw it: put it in the car muffler

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The toilet brush can be useful not only at home, but also outside and in particular for cleaning the muffler of cars. That’s right, as strange as it may seem, the bathroom and the car have one thing in common: the mop.

Muffler toilet brush
Toilet brush in the muffler – Motori.News

The muffler it is an important part for the vehicle, so keeping it clean is essential. On the other hand, the cleaner it is, the more efficient it is.

Probably no one has ever tried to sanitize it, because it seems to be a useless practice. In reality not only is this not the case, but there are also methods that allow you to take care of it, without who knows what effort or without using products that have a considerable cost.

How to use the toilet brush to clean the inside of the car muffler

To clean the muffler, you just need to use the mop in the following way. This must be inserted directly into the muffler, making it come out and re-enter it quickly in order to pull out all the encrusted dirt.

At this point, you can use it the water that will have to be thrown into the muffler and out to let all the dirt slip away. Once done, it will work better, it will glow not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

The alternative to the mop

Who does not want to use the mop, also can use caustic soda, abrasive paste, cork and bolts. The outside of the muffler can be scratched with sandpaper, then the abrasive paste is passed which eliminates all the encrusted dirt. Once done, it will practically be as good as new. For the interior, on the other hand, caustic soda must be used, which, being dangerous, requires a lot of attention. For this it is recommended to use an apron, gloves, protective goggles.

You need to dilute the soda with hot water, it is poured into the pot, then this is closed with the cork. To make sure hot, soda water is doing its job, fill it halfway. Then they put the bolts inside and it shakes. Moving the bolts, these will remove all internal encrustations, even those that would hardly go away by acting manually.

There are those who consider this operation useless, in reality it is necessary to know that the muffler must be cleaned both inside and outside not only for an aesthetic reason, but also because the dirt formed by debris and residues of any kind, does not allow it to carry out its work as it should. Which over time becomes a problem. Replacing a muffler with care could have a very high cost, which with maintenance can even be postponed.

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