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Taking care of car gaskets is important, especially if you want to keep them intact over time and don’t want to run the risk of having to replace them after only a few months.

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Shaving foam on the trimmings – Morori.News

Seals are very important for any machinebecause they act as a shield against weather adversitiestherefore wind, rain, humidity, heat and cold.

In time, albeit slowly the rubber wears out and then does its job with difficulty and not perfectly as it should. When while traveling, you feel drafts, the reason is precisely that and you need to intervene.

Car gaskets, how to do the right maintenance

The seals that wear the most are those of the doors, due to the open and close movement. If you don’t take care of them as you should, they get damaged, so you have to change them. The speech is valid not only for the door seals, but also for those of the sunroof and any other part of the car. With regular maintenance, they last longer, that’s for sure.

Not necessarily you have to turn to those in the trade, or buy who knows what expensive products. Not everyone knows that there is a way that allows you to save money and take care of car seals, guaranteeing a long life. Just use a product, that we all have at home: shaving cream.

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Here’s how to use the shaving cream on the machine

Foam is part of the grandmother’s remedies we use around the house for clean the windows or to prevent them from misting up after a shower. Apparently even in the car it can give satisfactory results. If you don’t have time to take care of your car, it can be done every time you wash your car. Then you take the shaving cream and spray it on the car’s seals and then on the glass, the difference between before and after is evident, on both.

After you have sprayed the shaving cream on the seals, you take a sponge, like the one we generally use to wash dishes and rubs on the seals going to soap making circular movements. This is to remove all dirt. It doesn’t take long, just a few minutes and that’s it. To obtain an excellent result, it is important to clean them well and eliminate any small traces of product.

Moreover the use of shaving foam is recommended because it is not a product that can ruin the seals. The shaving foam can be used on all gaskets, those of windows, doors, wardrobes, as long as they are made of rubber.

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