NEVER drink in the car, this simple gesture can be very dangerous

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A habit that unites us all is the following: buying water or drinks, drinking and then leaving the bottles in the car for days, weeks or months, forgetting them or intentionally.

Drinking water in the car
Drinking water in your car- Motori.News

After some time, happen to be thirsty, to find that bottle that you didn’t even remember buying and drinking. On the other hand, we all think that water has no expiration date.

In fact it is true, it has no expiration date, what is written on the bottle is not the expiration of the water but that of the bottle itself. That date indicates the time limit within which, you can consume the water without the risk that the bottle has deteriorated polluting its contents.

Leaving bottles of water in the car and drinking is wrong, the reason is simple

The wrong habit of drinking water from bottles found by chance in the car must be changed because you risk really serious consequences and especially important in the summer. In summer, temperatures exceed 40 degrees, perhaps even 45 degrees, especially inside cars or homes.

This means that everything inside the passenger compartment overheats and is subject to so many changes in temperature that are not good. Inevitably the material gets damaged, like even food or drink. We realize that something is wrong when we open the bottle of water, we smell the strange smell, it is no longer odorless, quite the contrary. This does not stop us, so let’s try to drink and here we discover that the flavor is completely altered. The cause is the heat.

Moreover, it’s easy for dust or dirt that are in the car come into contact with water as well as with the hole we put in our mouth to drink. There are so many reasons why it is better not to do it.

The water bottles that start the fire, here’s how and why

The detailed and precise explanation is given by chemistry. Due to the sun and high temperatures, the so-called phenomenon of migration of chemicals occurs. With the sun and therefore with the heat, the substances contained in the plastic bottles pass into the water.

It also happens, absurdly, that plastic overheats so much you can start a fire. This happens because the plastic reflects the sunlight, based on the angle and here is the smoke and then the fire. Which can be really dangerous because fuel is contained in the car’s tank, which is flammable.

In short, a single bottle can cause multiple damages. That’s why when you drink it is better throw the bottle immediately, without thinking twice or considering the idea of ​​keeping it, for any purpose or reason.