Electric scooters, if you do not have an arrow and brakes you can no longer ride: that’s when

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For electric scooters, everything is about to change. Starting from 30 September 2022, new laws come into force that all scooter owners will be required to respect.

If once upon a time, few had electric scooters, now these means of circulation have become common.

In every house, or almost, there is one. Like everything, even with regard to the latter there are advantages and disadvantages. They certainly allow you to move quickly, at almost no cost.

On the other hand, they are considered unsafe due to the incorrect use made of them. Now, with the new regulation, the situation should be kept under control more easily because the owners will be required to respect many more rules. Otherwise, there will be the intervention of the police

The new rules established by the Ministry of Infrastructure

According to when it was established in the decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility signed on August 18, the new scooters will have to be equipped with luminous turn indicators as well as a double braking system.

With regard to the arrow lights, they should be amber and they should also blink with a set frequency ranging from 1 to 2 Hz for at least 0.3 seconds. Instead, those already in circulation will have time to comply with the laws, until January 2024.

electric scooters-motors.news

Electric scooters, here’s what changes

It seems obvious that the news concerning electric scooters are more and more. On the other hand, we have had the opportunity to see that over the last few years, the number of people in big cities has chosen to travel on electric scooters rather than on cars or motorcycles, to save money. As a result, accidents, sometimes fatal, have also increased.

According to statistics in 2021 the accidents that resulted in injury there were 2,101, while in 2020, when the scooters made their first appearance there were 564. There was an increase of 270%. Not very encouraging data, which now with the introduction of the new laws should reduce considerably.

Not surprisingly, the rule of the braking system has been introduced, which must be present on both wheels, both on the front wheel and on the rear wheel in such a way as to act independently. The same thing applies to the turn indicators that serve to signal the intentions of those driving the vehicle.

These must be placed at the front and rear of the driver, the height is from a minimum of 150 mm to a maximum of 1400 mm from the asphalt. If they are positioned in such a way that they are visible both in front and behind, for example on the handlebars, there may be only two turn indicators and no more.

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