Lucky Driver Had “Final Destination” Moment, Almost Missed a Fallen Tree Limb

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It Last destination The horror film franchise has a formulaic structure where one person has a premonition of disaster and saves a group of people from violent death. From there, everyone involved died in a convoluted manner because no one could cheat death. Of course, Last destination is just a movie, but anxious people may feel stressed about the future after the events in this video.

The doorbell camera recorded a quiet street with many tall and mature trees. Not even the wind blew through their limbs. A car passed by, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. As the vehicle came out of the frame, a cracking sound was heard. However, it was not clear where the voice came from.

As this snapping sound occurs, a crossover enters the frame from left to right. A tree branch hanging above the road broke, just as the vehicle was speeding under it.

The timing is just right so the crossover really doesn’t hurt. The camera only offers a limited view of the road, but it doesn’t even look like the driver slows down afterwards. The person may not even be aware of the potential for disaster.

If this driver drove a little slower or left the house a little earlier at the same speed, this would be a very different video. Tree branches will land on the hood or roof of the crossover. The impact probably won’t hurt anyone but it can damage the car. It was enough to ruin someone’s day.

Writers that Last destination franchise is a fan of using car crashes in movies. In fact, three out of five entries used shipwrecks as their trigger incident. In the second film, there is a multi-vehicle road accident. Final destination starting at stock car races, and Final Goal 5 is about a vehicle stuck on a collapsing bridge. Plus, there are auto-adjacent stunts in other films.

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