Did you know that sunglasses don’t go in the car? The reason is incredible

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Sunglasses are indispensable accessories in some cases, which many cannot give up, especially driving.

Glasses on the dashboard
Glasses on the dashboard – Motori.News

The sun is an element of annoyance and disturbance that can also cause accidents. Here because especially those with vision problemsfor drive safely he should always wear them during the day.

Moreover, few people know it, but it would be advisable to wear them at any time of the day to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays.

Sunglasses in the car, that’s why they shouldn’t be left on the dashboard or seat and what can happen

The cost of sunglasses is high, especially if you buy good quality ones, absolutely recommended compared to those we see in the stalls that do not have no protective factor. The latter will certainly be beautiful. but they are useless, because they do not protect, indeed in some cases they can cause problems and inconveniences.

Who wears them habitually, must pay attention to the care of the glasses. For instance when putting on or taking off, they are never held with one hand by the rods. They hold well with both hands. Or when they are placed on the table, on the bedside table, wherever it is, it must be ensured that they rest on the same plane with the rods parallel and not crooked.

When used while driving and then for whatever reason you choose to take them off, they are not left on the dashboard or on the seat, in the sun. The reason is simple, even in the absence of sun, the heat deforms the surface of the lenses and the frames. Same thing goes for the radiator or any other heat source. They must always be left in a cool place also because the heat, especially in the case of the car, reduces the effectiveness of the same against the sun’s rays. If you don’t want to wear them and, as mentioned, you can’t leave them in the car, it is better to take precautions and then place them inside the special case that protects them.


Rules of coexistence with sunglasses

Other rules of coexistence with sunglasses, as well as with normal glasses, concern common habits, such as spraying hairspray, perfume or any kind of product. These should not be sprayed when wearing glasses, because they get damaged. Steam can also be dangerous, that of the hot oven, that of the pasta while it is being drained. The lenses are damaged in particular, but also the temples.

Generally, the lenses are cleaned with the cloth which is given as a gift together with the glasses. This needs to be washed using warm water and a little neutral detergent. Washing with the detergent is important because this removes the fat from the skin. The skin has the acid PH which alters the luster of the frames, both plastic and metal.

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