Autogrill, everything changes: the big farewell arrives

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The historic company operating in the bar and restaurant sector mainly on the highways is experiencing an important change these days. What happened? What great goodbye has been done? Here are all the details on the story that is affecting Autogrill

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The Italian brand Autogrill it is famous not only in our country, but also in thirty other countries, mainly in Europe and North America. The company is famous for operating in the restaurant and cafeteria sector on the main motorways, but not only. In fact, it also operates in airports, stations and shopping centers! The coffee break at the Autogrill during a trip on the motorway, however, remains the real trademark of the brand! But what news are there in the last few hours?

As the initial letters of the name say, therefore, this brand was originally conceived mainly to give refreshment to motorists on the road. The brand has been lucky and over the years has expanded its business to other places as well, always with the characteristic feature of being located in high-traffic and high-flow areas.

But what has ‘shaken’ the Autogrill brand in recent days? Here is the important change taking place and the company’s press release about it

Autogrill, here is the change taking place

In recent days, an indiscretion has emerged about an important change in the company’s top management. The news – after an initial non-confirmation – was made official in the past few hours. What’s happened? Here are all the details on this affair concerning Autogrill

Autogrill change
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The CEO of Autogrill Italia and Autogrill Europe – Andrea Cipolloni – has resigned. The reason? “Pursue new personal opportunities”. And what would they be? Starting from December 2022, Cipolloni will become the new CEO of Eataly! An important change, therefore, for the former CEO of Autogrill Italia and Autogrill Europa

This is the Autogrill press release regarding Cipolloni’s decision: “The Company promptly activated the procedures envisaged by the managerial succession plans in place, in order to ensure business continuity and the normal continuation of the strategic and business activities of the subsidiaries. Based on the information available to the Company, as of the date of this press release, Andrea Cipolloni is the owner of 19,000 Autogrill Spa shares ”.

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Here, however, are the statements of Gianmario Tondato Da Ruos – CEO of the Autogrill Group – regarding the decision of the 1968 class executive: “We thank Andrea Cipolloni for the work done in recent years and for having contributed to the success of the company during the difficult phase of the pandemic. Thanks to teamwork, strategic initiatives have been implemented that have made it possible to seize new market and growth opportunities. The strong Autogrill team will therefore continue along the path outlined, confirming once again the solidity of the business ”.

Andrea Cipolloni
The former CEO of Autogrill Italia and Autogrill Europe, Andrea Cipolloni, has resigned. Here is the important news – Motori.News

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