Attach it to the door hook, this gesture is very important: you will always do it

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Some accessories can be particularly useful in various situations. It is also the case of a specific object that can be attached to the door of your car! What are we talking about? Here is all the information about it and the incredible purpose of this accessory!

Door hook – Motori.News

Each car has zones or devices that are unknown or little known to most users. One of these is, undoubtedly, the hook located on the door. In fact, the door is not just for opening and closing the car. What other function can be used with a hook to the door? Here is all the information regarding this novelty!

Most of the cars on the market have 3 or 5 doors. Each of these – depending on the specific model – can be provided with a particular hook, very useful for having different hidden features. We had already seen one of these in the past and concerned the possibility of opening bottle caps in a more practical and quick way. We talked about it here.

But which accessory can be attached to the hook on the door of your car? In this article we will highlight the usefulness of this item! You will no longer be able to do without it and you will buy it immediately! Here are all the details on this ‘mysterious’ object!

The accessory that will make your life easier in some circumstances: here are all the details!

An ideal operation of the car door protects the vehicle from theft by thieves. Furthermore, a perfectly hermetic door closure always guarantees a comfortable temperature in any season, if combined with the correct functioning of the internal air conditioning system! But did you know that there is a very useful hook in different circumstances? Let’s find out what can be attached to that point of the door!

Car hook object
The very useful object to attach to the car door hook: this is its function – Motori.News

The door hook it is something that often goes unnoticed. It really shouldn’t be, since it can be very useful in a variety of special circumstances. To it, furthermore, any object can be attached, depending on your specific needs! Which object to attach are we referring to today? Here are all the details about it!

You can attach a very useful object to your car door hook. We refer to a small step or platform! It it will allow you to place your foot easily, in a completely firm and safe way! By doing this you will be able to reach a higher area, to perform various specific functions. What can you use this ‘portable’ step to attach to the door hook?

Door hook
Car door hook – Motori.News

It can be used easily by anyone and will be used to reach the roof of your car to carry out the various washing and cleaning operations, but not only! In fact, it will make your life easier even if you need to arrange the object holder bars on the roof!

A real breakthrough, since you no longer have to ask for help from people taller than you to do this. With this accessory you will reach the desired height in a few simple steps! To do this, you just need to buy this step for a few euros and then hook it to the hook on the door of your car! Simple, isn’t it?

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