He takes apart the gearbox of the car, what he finds underneath is creepy: disgusting

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The gearbox of the car is the den of dirt, no one can imagine what can be found inside it.

Dirty car gearbox
Dirty car gearbox – Motori.News

Who is dedicated to car care absolutely cannot skip the cleaning of the car gearshift cable and the interior.

Making the machine last as long as possible is easy. You just have to find some time to dedicate and have a little patience. It is not enough to take the car to the wash, those who do this job do not dwell too much on the details.

It takes care of the upholstery, the exterior and the interior like the mats and it goes no further. And yet, even what is underneath, for example under the gearbox, needs care and hygiene. Over time, the dirt that accumulates can also cause serious damage and hinder the operation of the various parts of the machine.

Who does not take care of it as it should, after a few years, can deal with major damage and be forced to think about scrapping and changing the car that certainly costs more.

Cleaning the gearbox is important, here’s how to do it and why

There are some extremely delicate parts of the car that require attention, patience, care and cleaning. The gearbox is one of them because inside there is a cable that allows you to connect it to the engine. If we change gears it is only thanks to this piece of the car.

Disconnecting the gearbox in the right way is essential, because if it is damaged, the car will stop walking. There are methods that allow you to detach the gearbox carefully, the first rule is not to pull or do it quickly if you don’t want to cause irreparable damage.

Once pulled out, you can see that there is practically everything underneath. Not just the dust and dirt that accumulates everywhere over time, but also hair, crumbs and much more that you don’t know how, settle there and never come out.


Vacuum cleaner and degreaser to sanitize the inside of the car gearbox

To clean the gearbox properly, you use a vacuum cleaner and in this way you try to remove all the dirt present. Once finished, you leave the vacuum cleaner and take a cloth. This gets wet with the degreaser or with any other product, even without rinsing to sanitize it well and gently wipe inside.

Once done, you go to reassemble the gearbox, always paying attention to put everything back as before and to do it delicatelyAnd. And that’s it, the gearbox was as good as new in just ten minutes, without spending a cent.

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