Lamborghini Aventador Owner Pays €300,000 in Repair and Maintenance Costs

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Everyone knows that owning a supercar is an expensive adventure. We’ve heard different calculations from different supercar owners and today we have a Lamborghini owner who loves to share details about the maintenance and repairs they’ve done to their recently purchased Aventador. The rough figures are in the headlines but below is a breakdown of some of the expenses the owner has to pay.

After a brief introduction, the video shows us parts taken from the Aventador after its owner crashed at the Magny Cours track in France. The supercar appeared to be traveling at about 155 mph (250 kph) when the driver tried to slow down for a corner but something went wrong with the brakes. At about 124 mph (200 kph), the car rolls onto a gravel road, and luckily, there’s a large safety section in those corners. The Lambo ended up hitting the wall sideways and taking significant damage.

Many parts must be replaced, starting from the driver’s seat whose airbag is deflated. From the exterior, the rear bumper, two wheels, rear wing with active aero devices, taillights, rear right wing panel, and several other components need to be replaced with new spare parts. Thankfully, the carbon fiber frame was undamaged, but the owner had to pay around €5,000 for a Lamborghini expert to come from Italy and provide expertise on its condition.

The total repair took 158 man-hours at a rate of €140 per hour. The total cost to the owner is €119,000, including all parts and labor. We store all prices in euros because the current exchange rate of the euro to the US dollar is very close to a 1:1 ratio. The insurance company did not pay that figure because the contract the owner made did not include an accident on the track.

After the car was ready more than 10 months later than announced, the owner took the car. Just a few hours later, there was already an error popping up on the dashboard. Once they informed the dealer about the problem, they got the answer that it was their fault and that they damaged the car as it left the dealer.

This is only a small part of the story. All prices and repairs are shown in the video above so be sure to check them out.

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