Auto, this model drives thieves crazy: they steal by the thousands

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Car theft is a real problem that has always plagued society. Lazio, Puglia, Campania, Sicily and Lombardy are the areas most exposed to risk.

most stolen car
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One in four theft it concerns the Campania regionnot even Lazio is joking, where thieves are more able to steal and to to lose their tracks as well as those of cars.

In 2020 102,000 thefts were totaled, while in 2021 104,000. In particular, motorcycles, scooters and cars such as SUVs were stolen. The vans and heavy vehicles were spared.

The numbers of car thefts in the regions most affected by the hardship

One million vehicles in the last 10 years they have practically disappeared into thin air, probably most of these are shipped to foreign markets and North Africa. After that, they are used for spare parts.

In the list of regions more exposed to theft risk, in first place there is Campania, with 27,500 thefts a year, followed by 18,215 in Lazio, then there is Puglia and finally, Sicily with 13180 thefts. As for the north, the first region is Lombardy, followed by Valle d’Aosta, Basilicata, Friuli, Molise, Marche, Trentino and finally Umbria. In these latter regions, 500 thefts are totaled a year. Among the most stolen cars is the 500, followed by the Punto, the Y, the Panda.

The thousand methods used by scammers to steal cars

Theadri especially over the last few years they have found methods that actually work, to steal cars in seconds, without being too conspicuous. There are the car rats, who use old-fashioned methods, that is, break-in tools, break the glass and set the vehicle in motion.

And then there are new methods and modern thieves, who exploit technology in the most wrong way possible. These leave a Geo-locator in the car being observed, especially cars of a certain cost, which is used to know where the car is parked at night. In this way they act undisturbed while the owner sleeps and there is no traffic on the streets, so there is less risk of being caught.

Then there are still those use the classic bottle method. A plastic bottle is stuck between the wheel and wheel arch. When the owner of the vehicle turns on the engine and it starts, he notices the noise and stops wherever he is, leaving the car running to check what the problem may be.

At this point the scammer goes into action, gets in the car and steals it, making him lose his tracks in thin air in a few seconds. If you should hear a strange noise or you should feel something particular while driving your vehicle, it is advisable to get as close as possible to a Carabinieri or Police station.

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