Gas station attendant mixes diesel with petrol, destroyed cars: the truth only comes out now

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A gas station attendant from the province of Ostia was denounced in recent days by a customer who had to face the consequences of the damage he caused face to face. The person concerned accused the gas station attendant in question of being an unfair person.

Gas station man scams customers
Gas station operator scams customers – Motori.News

The gas station attendant was accused of selling watered-down petrol. In particular, one of the customers suffered the consequences because his car was damaged by the broth paid at a high price.

Man, he had to change the engine rpm sensorthe injectors, the spark plugs, the petrol pump, all due to a refueling in which the attendant had mixed petrol with diesel.

That is why the car has suffered major damage

According to the surveys carried out by the mechanic who repaired the damaged car, the solution contained 60% diesel and a very small quantity of petrol. The machine immediately stalled because the mechanical parts of the engine broke once it received the phoney compound.

Fortunately, everything ended for the best, because petrol mixed with diesel could have irreparably damaged the engine. The refueling customer had to call the wrecker to move the car from there. So he paid dearly for the petrol, among other things of very poor quality, the tow truck, the parts of the car to replace the damaged ones and obviously the labor of the mechanic who took care of it.

The fuel content was analyzed by the mechanic himself, who explained that the car suffered severe damage from diesel fuel. Among other things, he specified that it also went well and that it could have ended much worse. Immediately after the revelations and assessments of the mechanic, the unfortunate and annoyed customer immediately initiated the complaint.


The photos taken of the soup will be presented as evidence against the gas station attendant, directly in court

Now, the gas station attendant will have to pay for the economic trouble caused to the customer and who knows how many others who have fallen into his own trap before. The gas station attendant is not one of those who have been reported in the past weeks for area scams. The blitz of the inspectors of the Customs and Monopoly Excise Duty Agency did not in any way involve him.

The car delivered to the mechanic triggered a strong reaction of anger in him, the soup sold by the gas station to the customer was smelly and brown. Before exposing the complaint, the photos were taken, which will be the clear proof against the gas station attendant who in some way will have to compensate the poor unfortunate.

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