Dubai Dealership Has Insane Supercar Collection That You Can Buy Today


Who doesn’t love reading supercar collections? This particular collection is different from most; For starters, anyone can step in and gawk at this million-dollar gathering of old and new supercars. And if you have enough change – a many change – you can go out in any car you see there.

Welcome to F1rst Motors (with a 1 in place of the i) and technically, this is used car dealer. You won’t find balloons tied to antennas or buy here pay here financing gimmick plastered on the windows. What you’ll find is a line of Ferrari SF90 Stadales installed at an additional cost. If that’s a bit too mainstream, you can always turn to the McLaren Speedtail parked behind the Ferrari. Top speed only 250 mph can be too slow for some, so luckily, there’s also a Bugatti Chiron in the parking lot. And like any modern dealer, there is also a large selection of SUVs to choose from. Manage? AMG G63? Bentayga? Take your choice.

Such is life at a used car dealership in Dubai, the world’s unofficial supercar capital. Even so, F1rst Motors is by no means an ordinary dealer. visited the dealership recently for a tour, where we came across some hard-to-get supercars. Speedtails do stand out, but what about the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport? Lambo fans will drool over the Huracan EVO GT Celebration, which only made 36 units. Or if the cars are too new, there’s a Mercedes SLR McLaren Stirling Moss for sale.

Everything sold, but there is a catch. Everything is expensive too. Very expensive. You’ll pay around $815,000 for a 2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series retails for around $630,000. And that McLaren Speedtail? It’s a cool $4.2 million. And keep in mind, this is used cars – F1rst Motors does not work with automakers directly. Vehicles are purchased from owners, although many cars listed on dealer websites show little or no mileage on the odometer.

With waiting times for a new supercar purchase sometimes taking a year or more, walking to the dealer with cash and leaving the same day as a Ferrari or Lamborghini has its appeal, despite the markup. Ah getting rich in Dubai, but at least we can walk around showrooms and dream about things like that.


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