Speed ​​cameras, what’s the difference between blue and orange? One gets you a fine, the other doesn’t

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Speed ​​cameras are present on all types of roads in Italy, both urban and extra-urban ones. Some are orange, others blue and appear as columns, often of different shapes.

Blue or orange speed cameras
Blue or orange speed cameras – Motori.News

Many wonder if they really work, which ones sanction unruly motorists and which ones are not.

All speed cameras in Italy have been introduced for sanction those who do not respect the speed limits on the road and discipline car drivers who are inattentive or disrespectful of the Highway Code. Most accidents typically occur due to the carelessness of the driver and the high speed.

How speed cameras have evolved over time

Over the years there have been speed cameras modified, around the streets there have appeared many, of various models and types. Just in the last few years they have appeared the speed cameras in the shape of a columnsometimes blue, sometimes orange, marked a few meters before in compliance with the law.

In fact, according to the law all speed detectors must be reported in advance in order to be recognized by motorists and in general by drivers around the streets. This is essential because it prevents those who are driving, seeing the speed camera at the last brakes suddenly causing rear-end collisions or serious accidents.

The predetermined distance is the one that allows you to slowly decrease the speed rather than suddenly braking in time. According to the law, these cannot be further than 4 km from the speed camera location. Also the latter must be correctly calibrated and approved.

Speed ​​cameras – Engines.news

Difference between orange and blue speed cameras

As for the difference between speed cameras, the orange ones are called i veil ok. These are mushrooms present on suburban and urban roads, they are plastic, cylindrical in shape. Inside they house the cameras but this is not always the case because they can also be empty and therefore only act as gods bollards. To issue the fines, the police must be present, at least one patrol nearby. This type of speed camera can be found on fast roads, as well as on secondary suburban roads.

As for the blue speed cameras, they are boxes that contain speed detectors and act on any time of day or night, because they rely on a camera with laser and infrared technology that makes it possible to recognize license plates as the vehicle passes by, in any light condition, whether easy or poor.