Speed ​​cameras, from today you will no longer pay the fine: check this detail immediately

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Speed ​​cameras are the biggest nightmare of all motorists, forced to travel several kilometers every day for work, but not only.

Speed ​​Cameras
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Law enforcement leverage on this technological instrumentationelectronics made up of cameras and detectors to try to keep roads, highways and roads under control therefore regulate motorists and motorcyclists.

However, these are tools that must be used correctly and not as traps to raise as many fines as possible. In fact, the authorities as such are required to respect the rulesjust like ordinary citizens, also setting an example.

How the speed camera works and what is the difference between mobile and fixed

The speed camera reveals the speed of the vehicles, if a vehicle is moving at a high speed, then violating the limits set by the highway codethe device captures the license plate and causes the driver, on the contrary, the owner of the vehicle receives the fine directly at home. Speed ​​cameras work in the following way: they work by measuring the travel time of the car trying to calculate the time it takes to cross two beams of laser beams far from each other.

If the speed exceeds the limit set, the camera positioned inside the speed camera and the camera records the license plate. There are two types of speed cameras, there are fixed ones that are located on the same stretch of road and mobile ones that are moved from one side to another based on the roadblocks. Sometimes these are mounted directly on police cars.

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When are speed camera fines valid and when you can appeal

A rule on which you can leverage in the event of an inappropriate fine is as follows. Speed ​​cameras must be reported in such a way as not to ambush motorists. These must be informed of the presence of speed cameras in advance. Among other things, there are distances to be respected to ensure that the control of the agents is in order and therefore valid.

The site of the State Police must indicate the road sections where the speed cameras are located. Also they must be always indicated with signs. In the case of mobile speed cameras, the signs must be placed no more than 250 m from the control patrol and therefore from the device. While for automatic detections therefore for fixed speed cameras, the maximum distance must be one kilometer and no more. If you receive a fine and think that one of these rules has been violated, you can appeal and have a good chance of winning.