Cozy Camper Looks Like A Washing Machine, Packs Full-Size Bed Inside


Mink peel the retractable camper to the bottom, and the results are adorable. Sure, the little thing doesn’t have all the amenities of an Airstream or Bowlus, but its owner can easily drag this one anywhere.

The Mink is just 162 inches (4,116 millimeters) long and weighs 1,146 pounds (520 kilograms). It has a ground clearance of 12.99 inches (330 millimeters), meaning owners can haul a small camper off-road and worry less about obstacles.

The interior has plenty of natural light from large circular windows on each side and panoramic skylights on the roof. There are four USB ports above the headrest. Flannel pockets on each wall offer space to store small items.

The cab measures 110.7 inches (2,811 millimeters) long and 59.49 inches (1,511 millimeters) wide. The mattress inside measures 78.74 inches (2,000 millimeters) by 55.12 inches (1400 millimeters). In comparison, a full-size mattress is 74.5 inches (1,892 millimeters) by 53 inches (1,346 millimeters), so the Mink is only slightly larger than that.

As a bonus, there’s a bunk bed that measures 55.12 inches (1,400 millimeters) by 19.69 inches (500 millimeters. Mink suggests small children can sleep there, or owners can use the space for storage.

At the rear, there is a hatch that opens to reveal the kitchen. It includes a built-in 1.27 cubic foot (36 liter) ice chest and a 12-volt plug. There are boxes and shelves for storage. LED lighting illuminates your food preparation at night. A 220 volt outlet can be used when the Mink is connected to shore power.

There are also several options available to give Mink even more perks. Shoppers can add things like 105-watt solar panels, heating systems, Bluetooth speakers, blanket kits, wool blankets, gas stoves, tableware, enamel sets, and more.

Mink Campers is located in Reykjavik, Iceland. Prices for cute campers start from €16,460 ($18,702 at current exchange rates).


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