We Check Out The 2023 Genesis G90 Up Close

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Genesis makes several knock-out luxury vehicles, from the comparison test-winning GV70 crossover to the incredible G80 sedan. The only exception was the outgoing full-size G90, which debuted before the brand actually found its mojo. The Genesis G90 2023, which is due to arrive in the US later this year, should improve on that scrutiny with new technology and incredible style, giving the company a true flagship that can really take the stand.

We first took a peek at the new G90 a few days ago in pre-production form and were very impressed with the car’s comfortable and spacious cabin and highly detailed exterior styling. We love the car in the photo, but it’s impossible not to be blown away in person. From trunk to stern, the G90 is a discreet and restrained exercise, proving that the Genesis brand knows how to build classy cars without resorting to the kind of overly heavy designs that some automakers say flagship customers want.

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It starts with the exterior. The outgoing 2020 G90 facelift ushered in the first few uses of the brand’s so-called G-Matrix mesh design, which appears on the grille and lacy wheels, but lacks the four-row headlights we’ve come to expect from the Genesis. That’s an odd omission considering that the 2020 G90 facelift arrived just months before the GV80 and its now-characteristic lighting elements. The 2023 model, however, now fits in perfectly with the rest of the Genesis lineup, with sharp quad-LED headlights that sport an intricate array of cuboid projectors.

The headlights also wrap around the front bumper, being visually interrupted by the wheel arches before continuing in the form of a “fender vent” lighting sign. This motif first appeared on the gorgeous Genesis X concept car, and we expect it to proliferate through the Genesis lineup. This also allowed Genesis designers to hide the clamshell cover cover, which seamlessly meets the headlights, side lighting and wheel arches.

2023 Live G90 Event
2023 Live G90 Event
2023 Live G90 Event

The Genesis X also features an angled taillight design and a soft-contoured decklid styling, which gives the G90 a bustleback look reminiscent of the luxury cars of the 1930s and 1980s – all the old made new again. Large 21-inch wheels (possibly optional) give the G90 an embedded position, although the design looks like a modern update of the old G90’s retro-fabulous wiry rollers. While Genesis may be chasing customers who are a little more performance-oriented for the new G90, it still remembers a mid-century American sedan that is bulky and comfortable in some ways.

The interior represents the biggest departure from the previous G90 and other Genesis products in general. The 2023 model retains the two-spoke steering wheel, but the design is more three-dimensional and complex. The wide and tall touchscreens found on the GV70, G80, and GV80 have disappeared, being replaced with a more conventional, positioned 12.3-inch unit that is much easier to reach.

The dashboard design appears to take some inspiration from the plane with a trapezoidal binnacle separating the infotainment and digital instrument cluster, and distinct ovoid themes appearing on the door release buttons, HVAC controls, speaker grille and center console. The Genesis also includes several unique trim and material options, including the G-Matrix crushed carbon fiber inlaid aluminum inlay that we saw first hand.

The G90 also incorporates several gee-whiz technology and convenience features, such as an 8.0-inch screen in the rear seats, excellent massage in all four outdoor seating positions, UV-powered cell phone disinfectant in the center rear armrest, and electrically-press-operated doors. button on either the front or rear door panel or center console, and the motor door closes gracefully.

2023 Live G90 Event

Genesis didn’t mention pricing and powertrain details, but we think the brand’s 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 will be standard, hopefully with less horsepower than the 375 found in the G80 and GV80. The G90 2023 is likely to go on sale in dealerships in the second half of the year, and prices will start at $80,000 or more – meaning it will offer a great value proposition for buyers of Lexus, Audi, and BMW, not to mention a six-figure Mercedes. -Benz S-Class. Hopefully we’ll have more specs soon, but until then, we’re very excited about the prospect of a world-class Genesis flagship.

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